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RIA Checkpoint (Accounting) database

Tips on where to locate the database, how to create an account, and how to search for accounting and tax information - for Stetson users only.

Options for viewing search results

There are three options for viewing your RIA Checkpoint keyword search results:

Source List - Each source included in your keyword search is listed in the Source List.  This is especially helpful if you have searched in multiple sources and want to see which source was the best.  The numbers on the right indicate how many "hits," or documents containing keywords, were found within each searched source.  Click on the source title to see all the results found in that source.  The Search Results Screen defaults to the Source List view.

Documents - The All Documents view of the Search Results Screen lists all of the documents found in your keyword search.  Documents can be sorted by Relevance or by Table of Contents. Relevance sorting uses a ranking system to place the most promising documents at the top of the list. The Table of Contents sort organizes documents in the order that they appear in Checkpoint's Table of Contents.

Table of Contents - The Table of Contents view of the Search Results screen lists all of the sources you selected for your keyword search in the order that they appear in Checkpoint's Table of Contents.  This is the least helpful way to view search results.

Source List View

All Documents View

Table of Contents View

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