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Activities and Resources for BN209E.

Criteria for Evaluating a Website

  1. Accuracy
  2. What was the purpose of posting this information? Who is responsible for posting this information? Do they cite sources to any statistics or claims they might make? Are the links on the page (if any) relevant to the information being covered?

  3. Authority
  4. Who created the information? Can you tell? If you can find the author's name, can you check out their credentials? Examine the URL- does it give you a clue about the authority of the information?

  5. Objectivity
  6. Do you notice any specific opinions expressed by the author? Is there advertising on the page and does that advertising impose possible bias? What was the motivation behind publishing this information? Who is the intended audience?

  7. Currency
  8. How long ago was this information written? Can you tell? Are there dead links?

  9. Usability
  10. Is the site organized? Is the content written at a level that is readable by the intended audience? Are their errors in grammar or punctuation?

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